Three Things About Old Faithful

Summer travel season is here, and that reminds me of a visit to Yellowstone National Park. As a visitor, you find yourself standing with the crowds to see the eruption of the world’s most famous geyser, Old Faithful. Though there are many geysers in the park, there is only one Old Faithful.

As you watch this natural wonder, you may find yourself making the following connections between Old Faithful and Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation endowment fund:

1. Old Faithful is perpetual.
Year after year, decade after decade, century after century, it just keeps right on spouting. It’s persistent, unending, ceaseless. You can count on Old Faithful!

An endowment fund at Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation is not unlike Old Faithful. These ongoing funds faithfully provide income year after year. We can count on them.

2. Old Faithful is predictable.
When you arrive at the scene, you find signs announcing the next eruption. Sure enough, the “payout” happens pretty much on time. Tourists check their watches and begin moving toward the viewing area a few minutes before the big event.

Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation endowment funds are predictable too. Every year, at appointed times, we receive income to help fund our life-saving programs. This regularity enables us to plan and expand for the future.

3. Old Faithful is popular.
There are many sights in the park, but Old Faithful draws the biggest crowds. Tour buses and cars jam parking lots, while shops and facilities accommodate the gawking masses.

Our endowment program is popular too. For many donors, an endowment fund is the preferred way to support the ongoing pro-life work of the Oregon Right to Life Foundation.

You can create your own “geyser” by launching an endowment fund at Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation. It will perpetually and predictably provide life-saving funds for future needs.

And, thanks to you, it will be a popular source of ongoing support for generations to come. Check with your estate planning attorney to see how you can add Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation to your will.


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