Impact Your Community: Become a PCP

Sharolyn Smith

At Oregon Right to Life, we are actively involved in promoting the dignity and value of every human life from fertilization until natural death. We also rely on pro-life advocates like you to spread the pro-life message throughout the state. 

One of the ways you can get actively involved in advancing pro-life policies statewide is by becoming a Precinct Committee Person, or “PCP.”

What’s a Precinct Committee Person?

PCPs are partisan volunteers who represent their political party in a defined local area called a precinct. They also represent their precinct in the county’s “Central Committee.”

What do PCPs do?

PCPs have special privileges and opportunities, and your role would be quite flexible! 

Among other things, pro-life PCPs:

  • …help pro-life candidates run for office
  • …select replacements for state and county office-holders as necessary
  • …act as directors of their local party’s central committee meetings
  • …attend committee meetings

Can I really make a difference as a PCP?

As a pro-life PCP, you would have the opportunity to influence your political party’s policies regarding abortion, physician-assisted suicide, and other extremely important life issues. 

Probably the most important thing a PCP can do is to select replacements when a key state or county office is left vacant. For example, if an office-holder in the county commission or the Oregon state legislature has to step down, you can ensure that a pro-life person is chosen to replace them! 

Pro-life PCPs have already made a big difference in our state. In fact, many of our current sitting representatives and senators were chosen by PCPs after a seat was vacated, like Representatives Goodwin (R-Canyonville) and Yunker (R-Grants Pass) as well as Senator Brock Smith (R-Port Orford). In 2019, pro-life Republican PCPs also protected the party’s pro-life platform and added strong language opposing infanticide. 

How do I become a PCP?

PCP elections are typically not competitive. Most of the time, you just need your name on the ballot. 

To become a PCP, just fill out a one-page candidate filing form and send it to your county elections official (click here to locate your local elections official).

You are required to have lived in your county and been registered as either a Republican or a Democrat for at least 180 days to qualify.

If you’re interested in becoming a PCP in the May primary election, make sure to submit your filing by the March 12 deadline.

What if I need help?

Oregon Right to Life PAC is here to help answer your questions and provide guidance along the way! You can reach out to us with any question by emailing or calling 503-463-8563.

Becoming a PCP is one way you can become a voice for the voiceless in your community. We hope you’ll consider taking on the challenge!


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