What does ORTL do with PAC money

Oregon is one of the few states offering tax credits for political contributions in an effort to encourage wider citizen participation in campaigns. These credits serve as the primary source of funding for Oregon Right to Life PAC. But how do we leverage your financial support? 

Candidate Identification
Oregon Right to Life PAC strives to identify pro-life candidates at all levels of government who will be leaders on the issue and build campaigns that can win. Interested candidates are put through a vetting process and, once endorsed, provided with a variety of resources, training and action opportunities that extend past their candidacy and into their elected term. 

Pro-Life Voter Guide
One of ORTL PAC’s most well-known and sought-after resources is the Oregon Right to Life PAC voter guide. The pro-life voter guide is sent to nearly 250,000 pro-life households in Oregon. It highlights our endorsed candidates who will best represent their values in school board, primary and general elections.

Voter Outreach
Oregon Right to Life launched a year-round door-to-door voter outreach initiative in 2021. By participating in this grassroots effort, they have seen a 10 percent increase in voter turnout in target districts. In competitive races, this effort can determine the election outcome.

To further the actionable pro-life movement in Oregon by donating to Oregon Right to Life PAC, visit ortlpac.org/donate. 


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