Don’t Let the Presidential Election Steal Your Vote

Written by Sharolyn Smith, ORTL political director

No, this is not an election fraud article. 

We are just a few months away from yet another highly polarized election cycle, with a 2020 presidential repeat looking to be a very possible outcome. With election season comes constant political advertisements and personal and professional debates shouting the good, bad and ugly of candidates at all levels. The onslaught can be overwhelming and intimidating.

In Oregon, where our impact in a Presidential primary election may feel diminished, we must remember that we have local leaders who need our voices and votes. The 2023 legislative session demonstrated the determination of pro-abortion lawmakers in pushing the boundaries of what they call “reproductive health care.” In the face of such challenges, we must elect the strongest candidates who will defend Oregon’s most vulnerable populations.

Oregon Right to Life PAC recognizes the importance of local elections and strives to make the voting process easier for you. We work diligently to identify, endorse and support the most qualified pro-life candidates who can win and exhibit strong leadership once elected. We are already closely monitoring races and meeting with candidates so we can make informed endorsements.

To have a meaningful impact on these important local elections, there are a few action items you can complete right now. 

  1. Check your voter status to ensure you are registered to vote. Your voice can only be heard if you are registered and ready to participate in the democratic process.
  2. Contact your local candidates, ask them about their positions on protecting life and urge them to seek our endorsement.
  3. Subscribe to our email list to stay updated on our endorsement announcements and other important news. This move will ensure you take advantage of every opportunity to support candidates who align with your values and beliefs.

While the presidential election grabs much of our attention, it is crucial not to overlook the significance of the other races on your ballot. Your vote will make a difference in electing local leaders who will directly impact the issues that matter most to us as Oregonians.

So don’t let the upcoming presidential election steal your desire to vote. Remember to participate in state and local primary elections and make your voice heard. Together, we can elect the strongest candidates who will defend Oregon’s most vulnerable populations and uphold our shared pro-life values.


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