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The Oregon legislative session is in full swing, and pro-abortion legislators are already pushing for extreme abortion and physician-assisted suicide legislation. So far in 2023, Oregon Right to Life has connected over 4,000 advocates with their legislators. Emails and phone calls to legislators from pro-life constituents can make a massive difference. 

Have you contacted your representatives this year?

We at ORTL do everything we can to keep you up-to-date and make it easy to call and email your elected representatives. The best and fastest way to get those updates is by signing up for Action Alerts. 

Text ORTL to 716-271-2182 to sign up for our Action Alerts. We don’t have much time to act when things happen at the Capitol. Texts are the fastest way to communicate what’s happening at the legislature.

Flooding legislators with calls and emails does make an impact! The greater our numbers, the greater the effect. That impact all starts with you.
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