House Committee Considers Bill Decriminalizing Post-Birth Abortion

Salem, Ore.—On Monday, March 20, 2023, the House Committee on Behavioral Health and Health Care held a public hearing on House Bill 2002. HB 2002 removes the previous limitation requiring parental consent for abortions performed on children younger than 15. The bill also eliminates the crime of “concealing the birth of an infant,” effectively shielding abortion providers who end the life of an infant born alive after an attempted abortion.

“House Bill 2002 decriminalizes concealing the birth of an infant, including, but not limited to, babies who survive an attempted abortion,” said Lois Anderson, Oregon Right to Life executive director. “Babies who survive failed abortions deserve protection.”

Infants surviving abortion procedures have been documented and cited as “the dreaded complication” by abortion providers. However, due to inconsistencies in abortion-related reporting, it is difficult to know how frequently this occurs. In October 2022, Oregon Right to Life PAC held a press conference featuring Oregonian women who survived abortions.

HB 2002 also removes any age of consent limit on abortions. Under current law, elective abortions performed on children under 15 years of age require parental consent. Additionally, HB 2002 imposes a legal requirement on abortion providers to withhold information from parents unless the child submits an explicit, written request to notify them.

“House Bill 2002 is extremely dangerous and a disservice to children who are ill-informed of abortion procedures and their side effects. Parents are a child’s first advocate and with House Bill 2002 in place, vulnerable children are abandoned, having to make life altering decisions without support.”


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