Equal Rights Institute Offers Effective Training for Pro-Lifers

Have you ever had a bad experience sharing your pro-life beliefs? You are not alone. It’s hard to have good conversations about abortion, and today’s polarized culture doesn’t help. 

The Equipped for Life Training Course, offered by Equal Rights Institute, trains pro-life advocates to have compassionate, productive conversations about abortion with pro-choice people that cut through the cultural noise. Whether you’re a seasoned advocate or brand-new to speaking up for life, this training will equip you to have positive experiences and life-changing conversations. 

The strategies in this course have been honed through years of experience and hundreds of conversations on college campuses. Relentlessly logical yet extremely compassionate, this course prepares you to talk about abortion with anyone, anywhere. 

To learn more, visit equalrightsinstitute.com. Additionally, outreach volunteers with Oregon Right to Life have access to free training. Contact jalaya@ortl.org for details. 

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