Earn While You Learn Helping Hundreds in Marion County

In May 2021, Salem Right to Life (a chapter of Oregon Right to Life) launched “Earn While You Learn,” a program providing online parenting classes and baby supplies to the Salem community. By completing one of more than 150 online parenting courses, participants earn “baby bucks,” which are redeemable for baby supplies. These bucks add up quickly — two courses finished earns a box of diapers, five courses a car seat and 10 courses a crib or playpen.

To date, 186 clients have actively participated in the program. Salem Right to Life has given out hundreds of baby items, including 200 boxes of diapers and approximately 100 large items such as car seats, cribs and strollers. 

The physical supplies are important, but the parenting courses are just as valuable. With classes ranging from “Getting Your Baby to Sleep” to “Potty Training,” the program offers an educational opportunity while also providing for the physical needs of families. 

“Salem Right To Life helped us tremendously during COVID. We don’t have a car and so they went out of their way to deliver the items to us!” says one participant. “They’re serious about helping people, and I think they’re driven by a passion for what they do.”

To learn more or donate, visit salemrtl.org.


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