Anticipating the Next Chord

Anticipation. It’s something we are all experiencing as we wait for a decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Center. Did you know that anticipation is also a musical term? It is the introduction of part of a chord that is about to follow in full. I think it is an effective word picture describing the wait for this consequential court decision.

What kind of chord will come next? Will it be an uplifting major, dramatic minor or a dissonant diminished chord? No one knows for sure, as the composition is not yet complete. When it is, it will be played over and over again as Roe and Casey have been. Our hope is that Dobbs will be a completely different kind of tune!

Nearly all pro-life legal experts believe that the court will give states more legal room to regulate abortions. For us, in a state currently led by pro-abortion politicians, we may not pass laws right away, but we can organize our families, churches and communities to provide support and care for mothers and babies.

After the ruling, it is possible that women from other states will travel to Oregon seeking abortions that have been banned in their states. This is tragically being promoted by some of our elected officials. The Oregon legislature even passed a special fund to use tax dollars to pay for travel expenses!

How are we at Oregon Right to Life responding? We are steadfastly working to elect officeholders at all levels including pro-life legislators. We will continue to introduce pro-life legislation, encourage pro-life policies in local governments and seek opportunities to get involved. We are building a foundation to offer life-affirming resources to every woman seeking an abortion through pregnancy resource centers, churches and sidewalk counseling. We are devising new strategies to reach women seeking mail-order medical abortions. And we will continue to seek out opportunities to talk with those with whom we disagree in a compassionate and effective manner. 

"There is much work to be done, so tune your instrument and get ready to learn a new song!"


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