2022 Launch Student Retreat in Salem a Rousing Success

Topics covered: embryology, abortion, physician assisted suicide, pro-life myths, pro-life apologetics and dialogue, post-abortion healing, politics 101 and student activism.

Field trips: Hope Pregnancy Center, University of Portland and the State Capitol, including lunch with pro-life legislators (special thanks to Senator Tim Knopp, Representative Anna Scharf and Representative Rick Lewis). 

Speakers: Emily Albrecht (Equal Rights Institute), Dr. Debbi Canepa (ORTLEF Board President), Dr. William Toffler (Physicians for Compassionate Care/Holy Family Clinic), Terri Nordone, John Hoffmeister, Krista Peterson (Save One), Mike Reid (Hope Pregnancy Clinic) and Lucia Taylor (Students for Life of America). 

Special thanks to Launch donors, scholarship sponsors, volunteers and staff.

Attendee Reviews:
“I want to thank you, Nickie and Oregon Right to Life for working so hard putting Launch together. It was an experience I learned so much from and that I will never forget. The environment was so welcoming, supportive and encouraging, and it changed my life!” ~ Clare B.

“I want to give you all my thanks! This pro-life camp was probably the best experience I have ever had. I found people I connected with in a way I never have before and there are no words to tell you how grateful I am for that.” ~ Kiah R.

“Thank you Nickie so much for organizing this past week for us. I personally learned a lot and I feel that I will be able to change some lives because of what I was taught. I also thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet the other 14 kids who attended; we have been staying in touch and it seems like some great friendships have been formed because of your work in putting Launch together.” ~ Van

“I know my daughters were so blessed by the training they got and connections they made at Launch. They’ve talked about it nonstop since we picked them up. They are inspired, challenged and encouraged!” ~ Colette K.

“Fantastic week it was.” ~William T.

Back Row: Scott G. R.A., Ivy K., Jordan S., William T., Van T., Cole S., Bradley P., Hayley G. R.A., Eliana K. Middle Row: Nickie S. R.A. (ORTL staff), Kyli H., Clare B., Jo-Ellen K., Kiah R., Monica S., Guadalupe D., Daniella Y. Front Row: Senator Tim Knopp, Representative Rick Lewis, Representative Anna Scharf


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