What Makes a Pro-Life Movement

Who composes the pro-life movement? Is it those with a shared political ideology, particular religion or people of a certain socioeconomic status or generation?

I would venture to say our movement is one of the most diverse and expansive movements in modern history. Pro-life individuals and groups spring up in a myriad of religions. We rise up in every political ideology and can be found among every socioeconomic status.

Some voices may be louder than others when it comes to those we hear most often in mainstream media, but the reality of who is pro-life is much more complex. We share a value for human life while holding different worldviews. We unite around our common goal of protecting innocent, vulnerable human life.

Moreover, the pro-life community believes all human life has value, and by virtue of being human, each deserves an inherent dignity and respect. It doesn’t matter if the human life is underdeveloped, a frozen embryo, has a disability, is elderly, relies on another to be sustained or hails from any certain race, creed or religion. Pro-life people advocate for the protection of all innocent human life.

Lastly, we believe that compassion and non-violence are the only approaches compatible with our movement. Our movement can be found putting the pro-life ideology into practice in nearly every sector, working to make society more embracing of life. We have statesmen advocating for laws that protect life. We have churches across the U.S. committed to adopting children. We have thousands of pregnancy care centers around the nation. We are constantly evolving with the changing times, searching for ways to more effectively advocate for the unborn.

I am honored to serve in this uplifting and action-oriented movement alongside all of you and millions of others across the U.S. and the world!

ORTL President
Melody Durrett | ORTL President

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