Pro-Life Movies to Watch This Summer

Film can be an effective medium to communicate powerful truths. Two very different films with pro-life messages were released in 2020: Divided Hearts of America and Roe v. Wade

Divided Hearts is a documentary by former NFL star Benjamin Watson. It featurers more than 30 interviews with key figures on both sides of the abortion debate. Watson told Catholic News Agency, “I believe in the sanctity of life, be it in the womb or on your deathbed. That’s my conviction. But with the film, I’ll engage those who disagree and hear their reasoning. The No. 1 thing I’m looking for is empathy on both sides.”

A very different kind of film, Roe v. Wade is a dramatization of the story behind the infamous court decision. Nick Loeb wrote, directed and produced the film while also portraying abortion doctor Bernard Nathanson. The movie includes a glimpse of the early days of the National Right to Life Committee, featuring the role of Dr. Mildred Jefferson in the struggle against legal abortion.

These films can be viewed at home or shared in a community setting for a small cost and are also available on DVD. You can find both movies on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and other streaming platforms.


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