ORTL Produces 50th Anniversary Video

Plans to commemorate Oregon Right to Life’s 50th year of advocacy in 2020 took a much different path than anticipated. As with most events around the world, the team at ORTL has gone virtual with our own statewide celebration. A six-minute video highlighting the history, victories and challenges of the pro-life movement in Oregon over the past five decades is now available. Including vintage photos and current interviews with valuable ORTL pioneers and visionaries like Gayle Atteberry, Ray Klupenger, Dr. Joan Sage, Melody Durrett and Marcos Sanchez, our video examines both where ORTL came from and where we are headed. You may even see some familiar faces in the crowds! Feel free to share far and wide. ORTL has a rich history and a bright future. We are immensely proud of both.


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