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Archive for March 2021

Sen. Patterson Refuse to Protect Babies Born-Alive

This legislative session, Oregon Right to Life introduced Senate Bill 586, the Born-Alive Infant Protection bill. It would require abortion providers to deliver life-saving care for a baby born alive during an abortion. Data from the CDC shows that as many as 143 babies have survived a failed abortion then died. A poll of likely…

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Lozier Institute Releases COVID Vaccine Guidance

The end of 2020 brought not only another extended state of emergency for Oregon, but also the highly-anticipated release of a COVID-19 vaccine. At press time, two pharmaceutical companies — Pfizer and Moderna — have released their shots to the masses in hopes of suppressing coronavirus symptoms while possibly slowing transmission rates. At least a…

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A Proud, Pro-Life Oregonian Democrat

When Milwaukie resident Heather Wakem was a teenager, she volunteered as a Planned Parenthood telephone fundraiser. She came from a staunchly Democratic family, after all, and working for the pro-choice cause was only natural.  “One of the things I appreciate about the Democratic Party is a reverence for science and fact,” Wakem says. “With a…

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Action Alert | Stay in the Know

With the Oregon Legislative Session in full swing and the Capitol closed to the public, your involvement with our lawmakers has never been more important than this year. We have introduced bills both protecting babies who survive abortions and banning abortions after 20 weeks’ gestation, when science tells us the preborn feel pain. Another proposed…

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