Together We Advocate Conference a Success

On February 29, approximately 300 pro-life advocates gathered for Together We Advocate, the largest pro-life conference in the Pacific Northwest. In order to keep our new venue at Rolling Hills Church, we moved the conference from mid-April to the end of February. With everything we know now, that was unexpectedly great timing.

We hosted four great featured speakers: Claire Culwell, Josiah Presley, Melissa Coles and Dr. Anthony Levatino. A number of talented, passionate leaders participated in workshops throughout the day.

This year’s oratory contest winner, Nikola Sušec, also gave a touching speech, preceded by films from this year’s short film contest winners. 

Dr. Levatino’s presentation, “In Honor of 1,200,” was particularly touching and vulnerable. He shared about his time in the early stages of his career when he performed approximately 1,200 abortions. The loss of his daughter at a young age was a tragic catalyst for his change of heart.
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