Miracle of Life Display

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
Dawn Powers
ORTLEF Events Director

As we enter a new decade and a new year, we are excited to unveil a brand new pro-life resource to share with all of our advocates and friends of Oregon Right to Life. We’re calling it the Miracle of Life display. We offer both church and school versions. Please make sure to specify which one you want when you place your order. This special, small display is designed to fit on a standard table. The display includes our most effective, informative elements and is packed into a medium-sized box that can be shipped directly to you. 

Each Miracle of Life Display contains a small tabletop pop-up display with a specific message for either a church or school setting. The rest of the items in the display are interchangeable. A set of Touch of Life models ages 7 to 10 weeks gestation and 3 months to 7.5 months gestation are both included in a metal case. The models are weighted and are accurate in size and feel lifelike to the touch.

Also included with this display is our “heartbeat phone.” This retro rotary dial phone contains an MP3 player with a recording of a two-month-old unborn baby’s heartbeat. Lift up the receiver and hear the precious sound of the heartbeat. Children and adults alike find this phone fascinating.

Lastly, this display contains materials for handing out to other advocates. There is a supply of our precious pockets, and attractive cards which cover the full 9 months of the baby’s growth in the womb.

The school display can be used in a wide range of educational locations, including classrooms or schools, library display cases, community health fairs, community centers, or in many other settings. 

There are all sorts of places you can take our church Miracle of Life Display. These locations could include the sanctuary, the fellowship hall, and youth rooms. This educational display would also be an informative addition to Bible study groups, women’s groups, or youth conferences.

We encourage you to come and see the Miracle of Life display at our Together We Advocate conference on February 29. It will be available to borrow on March 1. Please contact Dawn at dawn@ortl.org or 503-463-8563 to borrow our newest informative display.


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