Oregon Burns Taxpayer Dollars in Defense of Planned Parenthood

Salem, OR — Yesterday, Monday, September 23, Oregon continued its relentless waste of taxpayer funds in its legal defense of Planned Parenthood. The 9th Circuit Court has upheld the new Protect Life Rule twice already. The rule requires the total separation of family planning services and abortion services.

Watch the oral argument.

“Planned Parenthood is a billion dollar a year corporation,” says Lois Anderson, ORTL executive director. “They are perfectly capable of planning and funding their own defense. They are also perfectly capable of complying with the Protect Life Rule. Forfeiting a small percentage of their annual taxpayer funding was their choice.”

At last review, Oregon had 24 federally-qualified health care centers to every one Planned Parenthood facility. None of these centers perform abortions and are thus possible (or current) recipients of the funding the governor has refused.

“Once again, Governor Kate Brown is working at the behest of her political cronies, but at the expense of Oregon taxpayers,” continued Anderson. “Title X was designed to fund family planning services for low income Americans, not to fund ending the lives of existing family members.”

The 9th Circuit Court has found much the same, saying that HHS’s new rule is in line with Section 1000 on the Title X family planning statute. That section states that the fund should not be used in programs where abortion is considered family planning.

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