Wanted: Lifeguards

Our Curry County Right to Life chapter in Brookings led off ORTLEF’s summer full of events with a parade at the Azalea Festival. Curry County Right to Life’s float was adorned with a painted mother and child silhouette and the words “Be a lifesaver. Choose life.” Their amazing “Lifeguard for All” float was a replica of a lifeguard station, right down to the tower and volunteers wearing lifeguard shirts. In this case, these special lifeguards are protecting all life, born and pre-born.

The heart of their pro-life efforts was found at their booth. Staffed by compassionate volunteers, the booth was filled with information aimed at educating people to help save the next generation of lives. You can see samples of the brand-new Oregon Right to Life literature on page 1. There is information about Planned Parenthood and abortion statistics in Oregon, along with pieces on human development and the abortion pill reversal procedure. While these all contain important information, they wouldn’t do much good just sitting there, like a life ring abandoned on the shore. These tools can’t save lives without someone sharing them with those in need.

Are you one of our lifeguards? Have you joined us in the past in our lifesaving excursions? Have you seen firsthand those women who come by and thank us for helping them choose life, for helping them learn enough to help save their baby? Have you met that son or daughter? Those are once-in-a-lifetime moments which come to our volunteers at booths or fair events. Will you join us?

We will host booths at over 30 events and fairs in the next few months, which translates into a need for hundreds of volunteers and volunteer hours. We can only be in these places if enough of you stand with us. As you schedule your summer vacations and family activities, please also schedule in volunteer time with your local pro-life chapter. You can also join us at the Oregon State Fair from August 24 to September 3.

You can call our office at 503-463-8563 and talk with Dawn, or email her at dawn@ortl.org for more information.

We appreciate all of our local advocates. So many of you have made these events part of your annual family traditions. Your faithful service saves lives. Anyone ready to sign up for lifeguard duty?


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