Your Footsteps Guide Others

Everyone leaves footsteps in the sands of time. They are made by the imprints of our lives upon others. A person is remembered for the weight of their character, marks of accomplishment, depth of compassion, personal warmth, generosity and values. When we leave positive impressions behind, we enhance the lives of others, and give them footsteps in which to follow.

Thoughtful estate planning is one means we have to make a footstep in the sand, to help people recall our priorities. For example, consider the effect of a plan that includes a provision for gifts to non-profits like Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation.

When you include ORTLEF in your estate planning, you declare to family and friends that you believe in and care about every human life in all its stages. Your parting gift becomes a clear declaration to others.

There is something about a well-planned estate that inspires others to “go and do likewise.” As friends and family members plan their estates, they may recall your thoughtfulness. Your gift may encourage others to also support the mission of protecting human life.

As you look ahead to your footstep yet to be made, would you also consider the tiny footprints yet to be conceived?

As always, we urge you to consult with an estate planning advisor regarding all planning strategies. Oregon Right to Life welcomes your questions regarding charitable giving. Please contact our office at 503-463-8563.


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