Can One Person Change The World?

Most of you would answer the question above with a resounding yes. Perhaps the question immediately brought to your mind the name or image of a famous person who did just that. Where do these leaders come from? Did they feel afraid as they stood alone against the world? Were they really alone?

History is filled with men and women who changed the course of their country or culture by taking a stand for what they believed, including William Wilberforce, Susan B. Anthony, and Martin Luther King, Jr. More importantly, these men and women, whose names have become almost the embodiment of their cause, didn’t stand alone, but were part of a group of like-minded men and women. 

It started out small, perhaps just a few close friends with a radical new idea. It was incredibly countercultural and unpopular in the days of William Wilberforce to speak against slavery. But he did, and others joined him. They faced defeat after defeat in legislative bodies. Despite that, those who agreed slavery was morally wrong increased in numbers and the cultural perspective shifted. He lived to see slavery outlawed in his homeland.

Martin Luther King, Jr. started out with a small core group of friends and ended up leading a civil rights movement that swept the nation. 

Susan B. Anthony, an early pro-life feminist, along with her sisters, helped women win the right to vote. Compelling voices and strong leaders draw and encourage those with similar values to speak freely in spite of a culture of opposition or cultural bullying.

I have seen people change the world in my own lifetime. Abby Johnson, David Daleiden, Lila Rose, and Ryan Bomberger are a few of these people. Each has taken a stand to protect the unborn and promote life by taking on government-funded Planned Parenthood. 

Growing up, I knew only a few students who shared my pro-life views. Most of my teachers were “proud to be pro-choice,” so pro-life students weren’t encouraged to speak up. That can and will change starting with you. How will the next leaders from Gen Z rise?

Oregon Right to Life’s Camp Joshua cultivates each student’s core pro-life values and natural leadership skills. This intensive four-day, three-night training is built on information, relationships, and advocacy. Sessions are packed with science-based information and opportunities to learn from the best pro-life presenters how to credibly defend the unborn. Camp Joshua will prepare you to head out, energized and ready to change the world! For information regarding Camp Joshua, see information on page 6. This is the generation to stand for life.


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