The Natural Alliance Between White Supremacists and Abortion

Eugenics is a movement to “improve” the human race by limiting the population growth of people who have what are considered undesirable characteristics. While eugenics was dealt a serious setback with the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II, pro-lifers should be aware that the movement still exists. We see that today in the association of white supremacist and pro-abortion worldviews.

Eugenics was fundamental to the creation of Planned Parenthood in the early 1900s. Margaret Sanger, the abortion giant’s founder and member of the American Eugenics Society, promoted abortion as a means of reducing “undesirable” members of the society. Planned Parenthood continues to target racial minorities through abortion. Almost 80 percent of its locations are in minority neighborhoods. Planned Parenthood’s own 2016 annual report admits that its first clinic was opened specifically to target black women in New York City, where today more black babies are aborted than born.

It is evident that racism has been infused into the pro-abortion movement throughout its history. What might not be so well known is how today’s white supremacism in America (aka the “alt right”) has direct ties to the pro-abortion movement. White Supremacist leader Richard Spencer openly supports abortion as a means of birth control for some races. Another alt-right leader wrote that their movement is even skeptical of the concept of human rights.

Because they already rationalize bigotry toward people of color, it’s only natural for racists to connect their worldview with support for abortion as a means of eugenics. Until we establish legal protection for the unborn, we will surely continue to see supporters of the pro-abortion movement using it as a means to promote the white supremacist agenda.

The very foundation of the pro-life movement is that all lives are inherently valuable from the moment of conception to natural death. Just like abortion, white supremacy is the exact opposite of everything we stand for. We are diametrically opposed to those who believe they are superior, whether that be because of genetics, location, or development.

At Oregon Right to Life, we affirm that every human being has an equal right to life and we will continue to advocate until legal protection at all stages of life has been secured.


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