They’re Back! Legislators Move to Force All Insurance Plans to Cover Abortions, Even for Churches

Do you remember Senate Bill 894?  During the 2015 Legislative Session, Oregon legislators introduced this bill which would have forced churches to pay for abortions in their insurance plans.  With the help of pro-life activists across the state, Oregon Right to Life was able to defeat this terrible bill.  Unfortunately, a variation of this legislation is back this year in House Bill 2232.

HB 2232 forces all insurance companies who sell plans in Oregon to provide for abortions, with no guaranteed ability for them to opt-out for religious reasons.  This means that even churches would be forced to buy insurance plans from companies that pay for abortions!  While there is a so-called religious exemption within the bill, it does not require insurance options that do not cover abortions.

Currently, almost all insurance companies in Oregon offer plans that cover abortions, but that is not a requirement under law.  If passed, HB 2232 would force all health insurance companies to cover abortions and leave it up to them whether to provide a separate abortion-free plan that only religious organizations could purchase.

Here are some examples of what would happen if this bill passed, to help make things clear: if someone wanted to start a pro-life insurance company that did not cover abortions on any plan, they would not be allowed to. Also, Oregon Right to Life, a non-religious organization would not be able to purchase a plan for our employees that did not cover abortions.

The bill is being promoted under the banner of improving access to contraceptives, but the truth is that insurance companies are already required to cover contraception under Oregon Law.  Again, insurance companies are currently not required to cover abortion, which is what this bill would accomplish. Oregon Right to Life of course, is opposed to abortion, which always takes the life of an innocent unborn child.  Because HB 2232 would force all insurance companies in Oregon to pay for abortion, leaving no options for business people of conscious to select an abortion-free plan, ORTL is opposed to this bill.

The 2017 Oregon Legislative Session convenes February 1st.  To ask your State Representative to oppose HB 2232, please click here!


  1. If anyone wants to know what “contraceptives” ACTUALLY do, all they have to do is go to any pharmacy and ask for the “package insert” for the pill. Under the “actions” paragraph one reads that most of the time the pill prevents ovulation, but on a few occasions it doesn’t. But the women still doesn’t know she became pregnant. That’s because the pill causes the mucus lining on the inside of the endometrium to become slippery, and this prevents the newly conceived child to implant itself so as to be fed and grow. This same inforamation is also available at any public library in the “reference” section. Just ask for the PHYSICIANS DESK REFERENCE. HB 2232 plays on people’s lack of knowledge of these facts, even as they try to promote the surgical murder of babies in the womb.

  2. What about no do you not understand? Companies should not have to agree to covering the deliberate taking of a human life in the womb and bringing harm to the woman, spiritually, psychologically and physically. Authentic science, medicine and religion all agree that this is not health care nor a healthy way for a civilized society to operate.


  3. I as a taxpayer in the state of Oregon am totally opposed to this measure and Christian institutions should not be forced to provide this evil act… It is not protecting the unborn and I do not want my money to pay for such an evil act ever. It is wrong for any money to go for this murderous act.

  4. Thank you for the alerts on this bill and the dehydration/starvation bills. I have signed letters to my legislators via this website.

    Mary K. Maley

  5. Please vote against HB 2232. There is no good reason for a requirement that all plans include abortion coverage.

  6. Why take away choice?
    And doesn’t, the legislature have better things to do than restrict rights?

  7. Thank you for giving me this information and the opportunity to so easily contact my representative.
    God bless.

  8. What deceptive cleverness was used to put abortion into health insurance plans!
    In what scenario is killing innocent children considered healthcare? No plan should
    ever offer it. It should be plain that abortion is not healthcare. A child is killed.

    1. What cleverness was used to put abortion into healthcare plans!
      What scenario would justify killing a child? No healthcare plan should
      cover abortion because abortion is not healthcare.

  9. NO WAY, I don’t want to be Forced to pay for abortions. You can twist it any way but abortion kills a human being. There are many ways to keep from becoming pregnant but abortion is not the answer. Education in birth control is one way, not having “for fun” sex is another. Would you really want to have your baby killed just because it isn’t convenient for you to have a child right now?

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