Pro-Life Wins in Primary Election!

Oregon’s May 17th primary election saw several key pro-life victories across the state, including several contested races. These include:

  • Colm Willis, Congressional District 5
  • Rich Vial, State House District 26 (Portland suburbs), who defeated two pro-abortion candidates in a hard fought race with well over $200,000 spent on all sides.
  • Pro-life champion and HD 23 Representative Mike Nearman, who represents a rural district south and west of Salem.
  • Werner Reschke and Dennis Linthicum (Klamath Falls/Central areas), who both won their primaries against well-funded write-in challengers.

All of these candidates go on to important battles in the fall general election. Besides these, there are several other strong pro-life candidates that Oregon Right to Life PAC will be supporting. They include:
lauraLaura Morett is a first-time candidate running for state representative in House District 20. The district spans West Salem, Independence, and Monmouth. Morett is challenging pro-abortion incumbent Paul Evans in what is anticipated to be one of the most competitive races in Oregon this year. She is an outspoken pro-lifer (she was even a speaker at the ORTL Roe v. Wade Memorial Rally in January) and an incredible candidate.

pattiPatti Milne is another strong candidate who is running for an open seat in House District 22 (North Salem to Woodburn). Milne has extensive experience as a Marion County Commissioner, former legislator, and school board member. There are few people who have spent as much time as Milne has working for the people of this district. She has proven herself a reliable pro-life legislator in the past, and ORTL PAC is committed to returning her to the legislature so she can continue to advocate for the right to life.

All these and other great pro-life candidates will need the support and votes of pro-lifers like you this fall. To make sure you receive the latest information about the election, please sign up for our email list at


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