Support Our Pro-Life Senators

Oregon’s pro-life state senators are steadfastly advocating for the protection of the most vulnerable members of our society. As proponents of dangerous bills like House Bill 2002 attempt to expand abortion rights without any willingness to engage in dialogue, these pro-life legislators find themselves left with one course of action: walking out. This decision ensures […]

Oregon House Passes Bill Radically Expanding Abortion

Salem, Ore.—The Oregon House of Representatives today passed House Bill 2002, which radically expands abortion in Oregon. Pro-life Representatives raised numerous unanswered questions that remain due to the rushed nature of the legislative process. Supporters of HB 2002 repeatedly rejected motions to return the bill to policy committees to resolve the concerns that were identified. […]

Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Resolution to Enshrine Abortion in Oregon Constitution

Salem, Ore.—The Senate Committee on Rules held a public hearing on Senate Joint Resolution 33, which seeks to enshrine abortion rights in the Oregon State Constitution. If enacted, the resolution would likely reinforce the current laws in Oregon that allow abortion for any reason until birth.Oregon Right to Life executive director Lois Anderson testified that, […]

House Committee Considers Bill Decriminalizing Post-Birth Abortion

Salem, Ore.—On Monday, March 20, 2023, the House Committee on Behavioral Health and Health Care held a public hearing on House Bill 2002. HB 2002 removes the previous limitation requiring parental consent for abortions performed on children younger than 15. The bill also eliminates the crime of “concealing the birth of an infant,” effectively shielding […]

Thousands March to Celebrate End of Roe v. Wade

Salem, Ore.—On Saturday, January 28, over 3,000 pro-life Oregonians gathered at the Oregon State Capitol to remember the over 64 million lives lost to abortion under Roe v. Wade. This was the first Oregon March for Life following the recent Supreme Court decision that reversed the decision after almost 50 years. The March featured Representative […]