Help Us Stop Radical Bills

Oregon’s hardline political leaders have introduced two of the most radical abortion and assisted suicide laws in America this session. Our team at Oregon Right to Life is doing everything in our power to stop these bills. Can you help expand our impact?

House Bill 2002

Among many items, allows clinics to provide abortions to children of any age without parental notification.

Senate Bill 891 

Permits anyone to travel to Oregon to kill themselves via assisted suicide within 48 hours.  

What we’ve done:

  • Directed 600 phone calls to key lawmakers
  • Outnumbered the Abortion Lobby Advocates 2-1 at House Bill 2002’s Committee Hearing
  • Launched a State and National PR Campaign
  • Face-to-Face Lobbying
What we will do with your support:
  • Mail 25,000 pro-life voters in the districts of vulnerable lawmakers. We will educate these voters about these laws, what is at stake, and how to contact their representatives.

  • Direct phone calls to the offices of key lawmakers from advocates in their districts.

  • Launch an aggressive media campaign to drive our 25,000 members to action.

  • Complete a prolonged media campaign to reach hundreds of thousands of Oregonians over the radio, online, and in print about these radical laws.