Myth: Somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) is a process that allows scientists to create stem cells that are a match to the patient without destroying embryos. We are not talking about human cloning.

Fact: Somatic cell nuclear transfer is the scientific name for cloning. The SCNT process, if successful, would produce a human embryo, which is the definition of human cloning. Scientists want cloned human embryos in order to extract their stem cells, which would destroy the embryos when they are only days old.

Myth: Reproductive cloning is wrong and should be illegal. Therapeutic cloning, however, is completely different. We are not cloning human beings and making babies. It is just a process to create more embryonic stem cells to use for treating disease.

Fact: The only difference between therapeutic cloning and reproductive cloning is what is done with the cloned human. In therapeutic cloning, the cloned human is destroyed for research in its embryonic stage. In reproductive cloning, the cloned human is implanted in a woman’s womb and allowed to grow and develop naturally.

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