The best opportunity in over a decade

Winning the Governorship, retaking the State Senate, and electing pro-life leaders.

Right now, pro-life voters in Oregon face the most favorable election landscape since 2010. The approval rating for Kate Brown is 41%, making her the most unpopular governor in America and internal polling places Joe Biden’s approval rating at 36% nationally and at 50% in Oregon.

Our country and importantly, our state, wants change. Oregon Right to Life’s political operation is in a place to motivate pro-life voters to provide that change.

This moment comes at a critical time. Salem and Washington D.C. have sunk to new lows in how they value the rights of unborn children.

We have a chance to stop these policies to protect life in Oregon and nationally through our elections. Consider the following:

  • We face a three-way race for Governor in Oregon – this election is winnable
  • We need just 4 seats to control the Senate – we can block Oregon’s radical laws.
  • We need 6 seats to take back the U.S. House of Representatives – two of those seats are in Oregon.

Significant wins in this election are on the table and Oregon Right to Life is expanding our door-to-door campaign operation and building the largest pro-life election operation in Oregon.