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Building on the momentum of 10 pro-life heroes

Last year we witnessed a group of ten pro-life legislators willing to make real, personal, and professional sacrifices for the sake of unborn babies—even at the cost of their own careers—as they faced down House Bill 2002, one of the most extreme pro-abortion bills we’ve ever seen. The Oregon Right to Life team worked alongside legal counsel, legislators, and pro-life advocates to secure significant concessions to HB 2002. A hard-won and significant pro-life victory.
Looking ahead:

After the intensity of the 2023 session, Democrat leaders have vowed to not put forward abortion expansions in the short session. It’s a good commitment on paper, but Tina Kotek and the abortion lobby have lied multiple times about legislation.
There is no other organization in Oregon that tracks the legislation moving through Salem to ensure that the 2024 legislation session is abortion free—and that all the abortion provisions we stripped out of HB 2002 are not reintroduced this year.
You helped make this possible and that we can have more of these wins in 2024 with your help. Moms and babies in Oregon are counting on us this year.