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These quotes are from young adults who attended Launch in the past.

Miriam: “Launch was life changing.” 

Audrey: “This was incredible!” 

Savanna: “Launch tackled all of the big questions. Nothing was taboo. [I] have been reminded to engage in the pro-life conversation simply in day to day conversations instead of only 'doing' pro-life stuff.” 

JoAnna: “I had an amazing experience at Launch! I learned better arguments and reasons to defend my pro-life stance. I had an amazing time at this retreat.” 

Samantha: “Launch so informative and fun! I LOVED listening to Alan explain abortion and cloning because he was so informative. I also loved listening to Jessica because she had so much information on past abortion cases.” 

Anna: “I loved Alan’s session because it was really interesting. I liked the Portland field trip best because it pushed me out of my comfort zone.” 

Fayth: “The different sessions were super engaging and informative. 

Jackie: “I learned and retained a ton of info.” 

Mary: “I liked the Portland trip and talking to people up there. I also enjoyed the euthanasia session because we mostly hear about abortion stuff.” 

Bethany: "The best part of the Launch training was learning to persuasively convince people that life is valuable.”