Support ORTL's Annual Fair Season

May-September 2023


Coming to a Fairground Near You

This summer, more than a million Oregonians will play games on the midway, eat cotton candy, venture a ride on the Ferris Wheel, peruse the farm animals, and for many, receive a fascinating glimpse of the wonders of developing life at an Oregon Right to Life fair booth.

All people, especially children, marvel at the intricacy of a forming baby while holding an 8-week fetal model. These models are precise replicas in size, weight, and detail of a real developing baby.

Our booths also include engaging videos, interactive resources, audio clips of tiny beating hearts, informative printed materials describing the week-by-week progress of life in the womb, and images of joyful parents holding their new pride and joy.

The total expense for this years’ fair booth outreach, which includes freshly updated materials, scheduling, and booth space at Mexicana and the state fair will exceed $35,000.

We rely on the response to this letter to cover those costs. Will you be able to help us reach that goal with a gift? Your support is an indispensable component of this hugely impacting educational outreach!