The Next Generation of Advocates are Among Us

Help us inspire, equip, and activate the youth in our communities.

“Like most young people growing up in Oregon, I felt the pressure to accept a culture that promotes and protects abortion. It’s everywhere. The abortion lobby comes at students from every side—in our schools, the media, and even through peers. Pro-life students often find themselves condemned when they speak up in defense of unborn babies. For most, it is simply easier to keep quiet and try to stay under the radar. But, thanks to Oregon Right to Life’s focus on developing the next generation of pro-life leaders, there is hope.”

– Christina Fordyce, pro-life doula and former student leader

At Oregon Right to Life, we strive to inspire, equip, and activate our youth to strengthen their pro-life positions. With the tools they gain at Launch, our students can inspire their communities to protect and promote life. Whether that means talking directly to a peer facing an unsupported pregnancy, bringing awareness to the pro-life issue in their schools, or providing direct support to a pregnancy or family resource center, these students will be ready.

There are pro-life leaders among this next generation and your generosity determines our reach.
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