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ORTL Calls on Trump Admin. to Pick Pro-Life U.S. Attorney for Oregon

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Oregon Right to Life is calling on the Trump Administration to choose a qualified pro-life candidate for Oregon’s U.S. Attorney.  The position is currently held by Billy Williams, who is serving temporarily after his predecessor Amanda Marshall resigned.  Last week, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked for resignations from all president-appointed U.S. Attorneys, but it…

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On International Women’s Day and Planned Parenthood

Today, on the International Women’s Day, we applaud efforts underway to end federal funding of the nation’s largest provider of abortion: Planned Parenthood. Abortion hurts women and kills hundreds of thousands of female babies every year. Abortion is not healthcare. We believe women can do incredible, even nearly-impossible things. We believe that an unplanned pregnancy does…

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Pro-Life Bills Introduced in Oregon Legislature

Although Oregon Right to Life is battling bad legislation on many fronts during the 2017 Oregon Legislative Session, there are also several good bills worth your support.  Here are the top pro-life bills introduced so far and how you can help them become law!  HB 2125: The Pregnant Women’s Assistance Fund   Representative Bill Post has…

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Portland #ProtestPP Event Sees “Pro-Lifers Hit With Jump Ropes”

On Saturday, in cities around the nation, concerned Americans gathered to protest the nation’s single largest provider of abortion: Planned Parenthood. Since the current administration has promised to defund Planned Parenthood, they weren’t the only people to show up on the sidewalks. Abortion rights advocates came too. (February 11 is #ProtestPP Day.) In Portland, news…

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Pres. Trump Nominates Pro-Life Friendly Neil Gorsuch to SCOTUS

Today, President Trump announced his nomination for the U.S. Supreme Court: Neil Gorsuch. Gorsuch sits on the Colorado-based Tenth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. “We are thankful that President Trump followed through on his promise to nominate a Supreme Court candidate with a judicial record that demonstrates respect for laws that protect life,” said Gayle…

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