Holiday Shopping with Fred Meyer

There is a way to give to Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation by simply doing something you probably already do every week, and perhaps even more during the holiday season: shopping!  If you frequent Fred Meyer for any reason, you can advocate for life in Oregon at no cost to you. Fred Meyer Community […]

Apologetics Corner —What About Rape?

When you engage in pro-life advocacy, this is a common question — and one of the hardest to answer. “Trotting Out A Toddler” is a helpful strategy with four steps that you can use to answer when asked, “What about rape?”  Step #1: Affirm the concern.  It’s not enough to say, “Rape is bad.” Dwell […]

Marion County Academy Incorporates ORTLEF Contests Into School Life

For the students at Holy Family Academy in Brooks, Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation’s (ORTLEF) annual pro-life student contests are a longstanding tradition.  The private Catholic school has been encouraging — and often assigning — its K-8 students to enter ORTLEF’s drawing, essay or short film divisions for close to two decades (an oratory […]

Building a culture of compassion

In an interview on the television show The View last year, actress Anne Hathaway said that “abortion can be another word for mercy.”  I strongly disagree. Abortion is far from merciful or compassionate. It is not merciful to tell a woman that having a child when she is young will ruin her life. It is […]

Crystal’s Cogitations: From Rain to Sunshine

Written by Crystal Kupper, Life in Oregon Editor I blinked in confusion, trying to digest what I had just read: “Arizona is one of the most pro-life states in the nation.” As a native Oregonian who moved to Arizona in 2020, I was naturally curious about the abortion-related laws in my new state. What I found […]