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February – March 2018

SB 494 Returns to Capitol as HB 4135

During the 2017 legislative session, we successfully defeated Senate Bill 494, which could have deprived dementia and Alzheimer’s patients of basic food and water. With the help of many legislators, our dedicated staff, lobbyist, and many of you who called and emailed your legislators, the bill was stopped in the Oregon House. However, this deadly…

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Rallies Draw Large Crowds

2018 roe v wade memorial

January 22 marked the 45th anniversary of the Supreme Court of the United States legalizing abortion through their Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions. Since then, 60 million lives have been ended by legal abortion. On January 14, close to 2,000 Oregonians attended Oregon Right to Life’s annual Roe v. Wade Memorial and March in Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square. The weather…

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Oregon Test Program Allows Mail Order, At-Home Chemical Abortion

Oregon is one of four states taking part in a program that would study the “feasibility” of abortion by mail in Oregon, Washington State, New York, and Hawaii by having women induce their own abortions at home, following a short video conference with an abortion provider. The program is overseen by Gynuity Health Projects, an…

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A Fresh New Year

Lois Anderson Executive Director

I love to turn the page on a calendar to a new year. With nothing written on it, there are so many possibilities to consider. For me, it will be a year of “firsts” as I embark on my first full year as executive director. In fact, as I am writing this, I am in…

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Pro-lifers Have a Huge Impact as PCPs

David Kilada Political Director

Have you ever considered becoming a precinct committee person? A PCP is a precinct’s representative to their county party. A precinct is an area that includes anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand voters. Perhaps you’ve heard us urge you to become a PCP and wondered why it’s a big deal. Well, as…

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