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Posts by Lois Anderson

Together, Arm in Arm

“I ask you to join with me arm in arm.” This message concluded my post-election email. (I’ve included it below in case you didn’t receive it.) We have weathered plenty of disappointments together in the pro-life movement. We will weather those of this election as well.   Someone asked me recently what my vision is…

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Advantages to Gifting Stock

gift Stocks

Giving stock is always an option for those who want to support Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation in the life-saving work it does every day. However, gifting stock that has appreciated (grown in value since it was purchased) offers unique advantages. The tax benefits can be substantial and the process is really quite simple.…

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A New Season

Lois Anderson Executive Director

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.” This familiar phrase from the book of Ecclesiastes comes to mind as I look back on my first nine months as executive director. I am in a new season in my life. I am learning a new role at home,…

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Everyone Deserves an Advocate

My social media news feed in the last month has been filled with wonderful posts about children and adults with Down syndrome. The fact that World Down Syndrome Day was March 21st had something to do with it. Even before those celebrations ramped up, the aborting of unborn children with Down syndrome was in the…

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

“How do you do it?” “ What is it like to lobby?”  “I couldn’t do that.”  These are statements I have heard many times in the past few weeks as I have interacted with many pro-life Oregonians.  Part of my job as executive director is to work with our team at the Oregon Capitol, which…

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