Isn't It Time the Law Reflects the Science?

Help us reach 649,000 Oregonian households with this ad.

Every $100 donated helps us reach 1,200 families.

At this historic moment, we can do more than grassroots work. We have an opportunity to reach a record number of families with a message that highlights the science, care, and dignity of the unborn child and compares them to our outdated abortion laws. 

So many people have lost sight of the humanity of the child. We need to remind them. 

To do so, in the same communities where we are organizing, you can help us run a beautiful ad, online and on television, to cut through the media’s attempts to distort the abortion issue. This ad makes clear what’s truly at stake when it comes to abortion—the life of an unborn baby—and asks a critical question: isn’t it time the law reflects the science?