Voter Outreach Specialists Adding to Team Around State

Ashley Sadler

Communications Director

Nathan Damm, a Voter Outreach Specialist with Oregon Right to Life, has pounded plenty of pavement since joining the team in January 2024 — more than 1,600 miles, actually.

“I have had a lot of interesting experiences with people, dogs, the rain and car issues,” says Damm, who also works as the executive director of Camp Northwest, a summer camp in Eugene. “I have heard four or five people say in very rural areas that no one ever comes to their house to canvass for a candidate or to promote anything, for that matter. Some have been very thankful I showed up and said that I must really believe in what I do.”

Nathan Damm (L) poses with Republican candidate Darin Harbick (R).

Damm certainly does believe in it. His second son was diagnosed in utero with an umbilical cord issue. Doctors predicted a very low birth weight and potential health problems. But Jeremiah turned out to be the largest of the three Damm babies, cementing his father’s belief that all life is precious and needs to be protected from conception forward.

“Today I walked over 22,000 steps in visiting homes in Cottage Grove,” Damm says. “I have never done anything like this before in my life and have enjoyed the experience.”

Voter Outreach Specialists work at the direction of ORTL’s political advocacy team to increase connection with voters in targeted areas of Oregon. They also help bring ORTL’s voter contact program to life, collaborating with team members to speak with individual voters in person, on the phone and via text message.

Even when Damm encounters a pro-choice person, the conversations are often constructive. That’s one reason why he and the ORTL team are looking to add even more Voter Outreach Specialists to the roster.

“You will get out of your comfort zone,” Damm says. “It will be very rewarding to do something that saves the lives of the unborn.”

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