The Formula for Pro-Life Wins

Ashley Sadler

Communications Director

Let’s set the stage.

We live in Oregon: the state that legalized abortion before Roe v. Wade. The state that broke the ground for physician-assisted suicide in the United States. The state with some of the most pro-abortion laws in the country. And the state that continues to remove safeguards and standards, stretching us to even further extremes while the media narrative continues to promote these deadly practices as “widely accepted” norms. 

But the reality is that Oregon’s current laws are too extreme for the majority of voters. The issue of abortion can seem intimidating to approach, but when done with proper structure, strategy and support, the pro-life message will win. 

For over 50 years, Oregon Right to Life has invested our time and resources in better understanding pro-life issues, voter motivations and political impact while affirming the value and dignity of all human life. It is not common for a state pro-life grassroots organization to have a full-time staff, year-round field operations and consultants at both the state and national levels who provide additional insight and direction. This footprint is what sets our operation apart, and its power is proven.

This year, for example, we at ORTL faced a unique challenge: unseating a Republican incumbent. 

Pro-abortion Representative Charlie Conrad (R-Dexter) was the only Republican to vote for HB 2002, an extreme bill attacking parental rights and the safety of young girls. Votes like these are radical and not to be tolerated.

We knew ORTL had the structure and strategy in place for success, so we set out to hold Conrad and any future pro-choice Republicans accountable. We did so resoundingly, unseating the incumbent 82% to 17% and thereby kicking out the only pro-abortion Republican in the Oregon legislature.

This success is what happens when structure and strategy align with support. 

Heading into the general election, we know abortion is going to be a major topic of debate. Oregon Right to Life has the proven structure, strategy and expertise to achieve pro-life victories. All we need is your support. 

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By Sharolyn Smith, ORTL Political Director.


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