Pro-life Candidates Make Impressive Showing in 2024 Primary Election

Ashley Sadler

Communications Director

Pro-life candidates who earned the endorsement of Oregon Right to Life Political Action Committee won impressive victories throughout Oregon in the 2024 primary election. 

Oregon Right to Life PAC (ORTL PAC) supported 79 candidates in the primary election, making 76 endorsements and three recommendations. Of the supported candidates, 67 will move forward thanks to strong pro-life turnout in the May 21 primary.

“Pro-life candidates truly swept to victory in this election,” Oregon Right to Life Executive Director Lois Anderson said on election night. “After tonight’s results, we can look forward with confidence to the general election in November.”

In one of the most significant wins of the night, pro-life and ORTL PAC-endorsed candidate Darin Harbick defeated incumbent Representative Charlie Conrad (R-Dexter) in House District 12. ORTL PAC launched a campaign against Conrad in June of 2023 after he voted for a far-reaching bill that, among its most egregious provisions, would have allowed abortion providers to perform the procedure on young girls without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

Harbick beat Conrad overwhelmingly, taking home more than 82 percent of the vote. 

Darin Harbick was among six ORTL PAC-endorsed state representative candidates who won pro-life victories in contested races. ORTL PAC-endorsed candidates also claimed wins in contested Senate races where the sitting pro-life senators were barred from running for re-election after their historic walkout protesting radical pro-abortion legislation. 

Todd Nash scored a victory in Senate District 29, Noah Robinson replaced his father Sen. Art Robinson (R-Cave Junction) in Senate District 2 and Diane Linthicum replaced her husband and Republican Secretary of State nominee, Sen. Dennis Linthicum (R-Klamath Falls), in Senate District 28.

ORTL PAC also endorsed candidates in 35 contested races. Of these, 27 races will move forward with a strong pro-life candidate, three of whom already won outright.

“Oregon’s abortion and assisted suicide laws are radical and out of touch,” Anderson says. “This election once again proves that ordinary Oregonians support sensible pro-life candidates and common sense protections for our state’s most vulnerable, including the unborn and medically vulnerable adults.”

Oregon Right to Life is deeply grateful for the support and dedication of pro-life advocates throughout our state who helped ensure victory for the many winning pro-life candidates from the May 21 election.

Thank you for voting pro-life!


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