Pro-Life Advocates Show Up for Unborn at Annual Oregon March For Life

Ashley Sadler

Communications Director

Pro-life advocates from throughout the state joined Oregon Right to Life outside the State Capitol in Salem on Saturday, May 18, for our annual Oregon March for Life. 

This year’s March – held for the first time in May to mark the approximate date that Oregon legalized abortion in 1969 – featured speeches by Portland Archbishop Alexander Sample, ORTL President Melody Durrett, OSU Pro-Life Student Alliance leader Rebecca Lang, former Senate leader Sen. Tim Knopp (R-Bend), New Hope Christian College VP of Academic Affairs Dr. Donald Grafton and ORTL executive director Lois Anderson.

“We must work to protect children at the level of the law through our votes and legislation,” Lang told marchers, “and we must also complete the work of changing our culture to value life no matter the circumstance.”

March participants also shared their thoughts with ORTL staff during the event.

Katie Heib, wife of Republican state Rep. James Hieb, shared that she was directly instrumental in stopping four abortions by engaging in dialogue with mothers and urging them to choose life.

“I always think, if we could just reach one, that is worth it all,” Keizer resident Lenore Calkins told us. “Never be discouraged or dismayed.”

And hope can be found in even the most desperate of circumstances. 

Glorify Project co-founder Billie Torres shared how she became pregnant through rape when she was just 21. She considered giving her child up for adoption but ultimately chose to raise him herself. Her son is now 25 years old, and Billie calls him her best friend. 

If you were among the crowd on Saturday, thank you for showing up for life! And if you couldn’t make it, we hope to see you there next year!


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