Printed Resource Guides Connect Pregnant Women to Help in Oregon

Ashley Sadler

Communications Director

As a whole, the pro-life movement has moved away from using the term “crisis pregnancy,” replacing it with “unsupported pregnancy” instead. Why? Because pregnancy isn’t the problem. The problem is the lack of support and care for vulnerable women facing a pregnancy they didn’t expect. 

This terminology shift highlights what vulnerable women and families truly need: compassionate, life-affirming support in their local communities. 

This summer, I am thrilled to share that we are launching four different print resource guides for our local communities. These guides span seven counties and will connect women and families with life-affirming local resources. 

Our pro-life communities project has been doing the behind-the-scenes work for over a year to make these resource guides possible. With the help of staff and volunteers, we have identified life-affirming resources, listed the services they provide and verified contact information. We’ve carefully vetted resources — are they life-affirming? Are their services relevant to the needs of abortion-vulnerable women and families?

Finally, our spring interns designed visually appealing print resource guides. This summer, we are putting these resources into the hands of community members, connecting women and families with the resources and support they need to be empowered to choose life. 

In June and July, our team (helped by volunteers!) will distribute resource guides in Lane, Marion, Polk, Deschutes, Baker, Wallowa and Union Counties. We’ll start by giving resource guides to churches, along with information about using the guides, details about the pro-life church referral network and how churches can continue to support life. That’s just the beginning — we’ll also share these guides with pregnancy resource centers, hand them out at local fairs, and share them with partner organizations. 

Women deserve better than abortion. We are committed to connecting them with the care and resources they need, and these resource guides are just the beginning. Next on the list? Multnomah, Linn, Benton and Yamhill Counties. Step by step, we are continuing to connect with and support women and families throughout Oregon. 

Want to learn more about how you can help build Oregon’s pro-life community? Contact me at 503-463-8563 or

By Makyra Williamson, ORTL Community Outreach Director.


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