Oregonians Support Pregnancy Resource Centers for Week 1 of Celebrate Life Month

This June, for the first time ever, Oregon Right to Life is hosting an entire month of action to inspire, mobilize, and grow the pro-life movement across our state.

“Celebrate Life Month” is comprised of four themed weeks, providing a flexible framework to help you make a difference for life in your community.

Week 1, which began on Monday, June 3, is focused on supporting local pro-life pregnancy resource centers (PRCs). PRCs provide free resources like pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counseling, and community resources to women and families in need. They are an incredible lifeline for pregnant moms who may otherwise feel that they have nowhere to turn.

To carry out their life-affirming work, PRCs rely on pro-life advocates who can support them through donations, volunteering, and more.

PRCs give so much, and we feel it’s important to give back! What better way is there to say “thank you” than to lend a helping hand?

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During each week of Celebrate Life Month, Oregon Right to Life is encouraging pro-life groups and individuals to not only get involved in pro-life action, but also to share your involvement with us. By proclaiming your pro-life action far and wide, you can inspire others to do the same, creating a network of care, support, and community outreach to protect the most vulnerable. 

Advocates can share their pro-life engagement by tagging Oregon Right to Life in their posts on social media, or by emailing text or photos of their activities to celebratelife@ortl.org

This week The Glorify Project, a Corvallis-based organization that provides pro-life resources and counseling for women, shared beautiful Instagram posts with us that honor and uplift Pregnancy Resource Centers (and the beautiful gift of pregnancy itself) for Celebrate Life Month.

“June is Celebrate Life Month!” wrote Billie Torres, Glorify Project co-founder.

In her post, she shared her journey of accompanying her daughter through her unplanned pregnancy, including taking her to her appointments and ultrasounds. She even posted a precious ultrasound video of her tiny grandson experimenting with touching the roof of his mouth with his tongue! 

Billie said her daughter has gotten her ultrasounds at Options Pregnancy Resource Center, a PRC based in Albany with a mobile unit that serves Corvallis and surrounding areas.

“It has been so amazing to watch this little one grow and momma too!” Billie said. “She has the cutest baby bump EVER!!”

In another Instagram post, Billie expressed gratitude for the resources available to her daughter, but noted that “there are many young women who don’t have this type of support.”

The Glorify Project is currently fundraising with the goal of building a maternity home in the Willamette Valley to help young women in need find safety, support, education, resources, and more.

Week 1 of Celebrate Life Month is all about lifting up pro-life organizations and PRCs to make sure that no woman facing an unsupported pregnancy feels that abortion is her only option.

Explore the Celebrate Life Month webpage for more details about how to get involved in pro-life action throughout each themed week. 


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