Kicking Off Week 2: Oregonians Gear Up for Another Week of Celebrate Life Month

Ashley Sadler

Communications Director

It’s Week 2 of Oregon Right to Life’s first annual Celebrate Life Month! 

This themed week is focused on grassroots advocacy, encouraging pro-life advocates across our state to get involved on the local level to help build a culture of life here in Oregon. 

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We’re so excited to see the ways pro-life advocates get involved this week – but before we move on, we’re thrilled to share some of the accomplishments of Oregonians who have creatively taken part in Week 1.

Last week, we focused on supporting pro-life Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRC)s, organizations that provide critical resources that empower women and families to choose life for their little ones.

Celebrate Life Month participants submitted stories and photos to share their pro-life advocacy during Week 1 and inspire others to get involved in their own communities.

And take note! Not everyone who participated in pro-life advocacy last week did so just by supporting pregnancy resource centers. We’ve intentionally made Celebrate Life Month flexible to accommodate your unique schedules, interests, and opportunities!

We are so impressed with the creativity and enthusiasm of those who took part last week!

Audrey Batson, a mom of three, reached out to us to emphasize that “kids can support pregnancy resource centers too.”

In her email, Audrey said she “picked up a baby bottle at our church to support [pregnancy resource centers]” and “wanted to include my young children ages 6, 4, and 2 in the importance of this work.” 

She told her kids about the services that PRCs perform “and how valuable they are in supporting God-given life.”

“Then we set to work to clean up our yard together so they could earn money to fill up the bottle,” Audrey said. “They worked hard and when completed; joyfully stuffed their hard earned dollar bills into the baby bottle. We are happy to support life with you in Oregon!”

I wanted to include my young children ages 6, 4, and 2 in the importance of this work.”

Thank you, Audrey! What a beautiful way to get your kids involved in this life-affirming work. We’re so glad you’re supporting life with us!

And Audrey’s little ones weren’t the only young people to support pregnancy resource centers last week.

Tauna Meyer told us that her 14-year-old daughter, Sami, sold homemade cupcakes in an impressive fundraiser in April to support Axia Pregnancy Mobile Services in Texas, where a friend from her church currently works. 

“During week 1 of the challenge she gathered the donations and submitted a payment of $800 to that mobile pregnancy unit,” Tauna said.

“…she gathered the donations and submitted a payment of $800 to that mobile pregnancy unit.”

Sami, we’re so proud of your contribution to this important work – and those cupcakes look absolutely delicious!

In one example of an alternative form of pro-life advocacy, Donna Weaver told us she joined her Thursday morning Bible study in assembling “Pocket Baby” models.

These compelling models show, in scientifically accurate detail, the appearance and level of development of a 12-week-old fetus. These resources are a crucial aid to help change minds and hearts about abortion, and Donna said that assembling them was a “worthy project.”

“Worthy project.”

The models Donna and her friends put together will be handed out at their local county fair in August. A big thank you to Donna and her Bible study group! Great work!

And finally, there’s perhaps no more incredible and miraculous way of celebrating life than by welcoming new life into the world!

On May 31 (one day before Celebrate Life Month officially started, but we aren’t about to quibble!) Geralyn Metcalf gave birth to her beautiful daughter.

“She is our second born and my family and I couldn’t be more blessed,” Geralyn shared with us. “She was born at home in a birth pool surrounded by so much love and support.”

“I couldn’t be more blessed.”

What a beautiful family, Geralyn – thank you for sharing your story and allowing us to join you in celebrating the life of your precious daughter! 

Join the celebration! Explore the Celebrate Life Month webpage for more details about how to get involved in pro-life action throughout each themed week. Once you’ve gotten involved, share your pro-life advocacy by tagging us on social media or sending an email to Every contribution counts!


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