Legislative Session Wrap-Up

Oregon Right to Life was hard at work during this year’s short five-week legislative session.

From the beginning of the session in February to its end in March, our political advocacy team prepared materials to assist pro-life legislators, engaged with advocates at our Pro-Life Lobby Day and worked to push forward life-affirming legislation.

In the state House of Representatives, we gathered support for HB 4108: Born Alive Infants Protection Act to protect babies who survive failed abortions. Current federal law defines infants who survive abortion as persons but does not specify standards of care. Our bill would ensure that babies born alive during abortion procedures receive the same level of care as infants born alive under other circumstances. The measure’s chief sponsors were Republican Representatives Bobby Levy and Mark Owens as well as Republican Senator David Brock Smith.

In the state Senate, we urged legislators to vote for SB 1536: Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, establishing baseline legal protections for vulnerable unborn babies. Abortions can be performed in Oregon at any stage of pregnancy, for any reason, even when the developing human being can feel pain. The bill’s chief sponsors were Republican Senators Dennis Linthicum, David Brock Smith, Fred Girod and Art Robinson, as well as Republican Representative Bobby Levy.

Sadly, our bills to protect abortion survivors and pain-capable unborn babies didn’t get a hearing this session, even though a majority of voters on both sides of the aisle support these protections. Nonetheless, we made an impact and maintained an active presence for life in our state’s Capitol.

Following the wrap-up of the legislative session, ORTL’s political team is shifting its focus to this year’s election, striving to support and promote candidates who will defend Oregon’s most vulnerable.

And we need your help! 

Influencing statewide policy in a pro-life direction isn’t just for lawmakers and lobbyists. It’s also for grassroots pro-life advocates like you who want to promote life-affirming policies in your own local communities. 

Visit ortl.org/volunteers to learn more and get involved today!


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