Oregon Health Authority Launches ‘Abortion Access’ Website

Salem, Ore. — Today, the Oregon Health Authority’s Reproductive Health Program announced the launch of an abortion access webpage. The site directs vulnerable women from Oregon and outside the state into an abortion pipeline. 

The “Abortion Access” website contains vague content that could have dangerous consequences for many in our state. For example, the descriptions of abortion procedures fail to accurately describe what actually happens during abortions.

In addition, information provided on the site suggests that pro-life pregnancy clinics and resource centers, which offer vital resources and support for expecting mothers, are “fake clinics” because they do not provide abortions. 

Oregon Right to Life Executive Director Lois Anderson said, “The ‘abortion access’ website is a political statement thinly disguised as healthcare information. Pro-life Oregon residents, medical providers, and others who may hold differing views on this issue are essentially erased from the conversation.”

“Oregon Health Authority should be prioritizing patient protection, not the profits of the abortion industry,” Anderson continued. “As the U.S. Supreme Court today considers restoring crucial guardrails on chemical abortion drugs, our state should be focused on creating more protections for pregnant women and the unborn – not marketing abortion.”

Women and families facing unsupported pregnancies are invited to explore life-affirming alternatives to abortion. Check out Oregon Right to Life’s list of local pro-life pregnancy resource centers here.

For media inquiries or interviews, please contact ORTL communications director Ashley Sadler at 530-859-1957 or ashley@ortl.org.


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