Oregon Supreme Court Rules Ten Pro-Life Senators Ineligible for Re-Election Following Historic Walkout

Salem, Ore.—In a unanimous vote announced on Thursday, the Oregon Supreme Court ruled that Oregon State Senators who participated in the courageous six-week walkout during the 2023 session are now ineligible for re-election under Measure 113. This highly anticipated decision in favor of Secretary of State LaVonne Griffin-Valade came in response to Measure 113 passed in 2022. Measure 113 stipulates that candidates who accumulate 10 unexcused absences cannot run for re-election.

Lois Anderson, Executive Director of Oregon Right to Life, expressed her deep disappointment with the court ruling, stating, “I am saddened by the court’s decision. These senators were elected by their constituents to faithfully serve their districts and protect the rights and lives of their constituents. They fulfilled their duty with unwavering dedication.”

In a strategic move that surpassed expectations, the Republican senators exercised their First Amendment rights by walking out to pause proceedings on highly controversial legislation. Among the bills that prompted this unprecedented walkout were HB 2002 and SJR 33. Originally, HB 2002 contained provisions that would have allowed a child of any age, even 10-year-olds, to undergo abortions without the knowledge or consent of their parents or legal guardians, along with other contentions. SJR 33 aimed to secure a ballot measure that would have permanently enshrined unrestricted abortion in the Oregon Constitution. Thanks to the determined efforts of the pro-life senators, the six-week walkout led to significant concessions on HB 2002 and effectively halted the forward passage of SJR 33.

Due to the court’s ruling, ten senators will be disqualified from running in upcoming elections, with six affected in 2024 and four in 2026. Anderson states, “I applaud the tireless commitment and sacrifices made by these senators. Their unwavering dedication to serving both their constituents, born and unborn, will forever be remembered.”

Oregon Right to Life remains committed to safeguarding the right to life and will continue to support candidates who champion the protection of the unborn.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact Oregon Right to Life at 503-463-8563.


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