From the Director, Let Your Pro-Life Light Shine

I recently flew from Washington, D.C., back to Oregon at night. I had secured a window seat, hoping to get a view of the Capitol Mall from the air. I was not disappointed, as our flight pattern took us directly over the Mall. The spectacular view of the Capitol, Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial rewarded me with the added wonder of a blanket of snow covering the ground below. 

Along with a joyful celebration at the National March for Life, there was a clear view of the work still to be done. Abortion is still readily accessible in too many places across our country, including Oregon, where we have no protective laws for developing human babies before they are born. We need more equipped pro-life advocates who will walk alongside mothers and families, even when circumstances are difficult and abortion seems so much easier.

As the plane quickly left Washington behind, I could clearly see the lights of the city and suburbs. Neighborhoods, schools and commercial areas each show up as a distinctive pattern of light. And it doesn’t take long before the lights become further and further separated. I was struck by how distinctly visible the light from a single house appears in the darkness, as well as the ebb and flow of lights gathering in towns and then spreading apart again as we sped across the heartland.

It was natural for me to think of the thousands of pro-life advocates I had just marched with, but I spent more time thinking about you and the thousands of pro-life advocates here in Oregon. Helping mothers, families and babies is not new to us; it is what we do!

Whether you are that single house, a pinpoint light in the darkness or you have a brightly lit pro-life community, Oregon Right to Life is ready to support you with the tools and information you need to spread the pro-life light where you are. 

As the Sunday school song goes, Hide it under a bushel? No! I’m going to let it shine!


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