Oregon Right to Life PAC Endorses Darin Harbick Against Pro-Abortion Republican Charlie Conrad

Written by Sharolyn Smith, ORTL Political Director

Oregon Right to Life PAC has made its official endorsement in House District 12, choosing Darin Harbick over pro-abortion Republican Charlie Conrad.

The race in HD 12 has been one Oregon Right to Life has been watching for quite a while. This year, it is our number one priority, not only for its competitive edge in an otherwise liberal Lane County but also because of its unique position in holding the only pro-choice representative in the Republican caucus.

The 2023 legislative session was one of the most intense sessions we have ever seen. Among a series of dangerous life-related bills sat the familiar House Bill 2002. This extreme bill held a laundry list of proposals that endangered children and undermined the rights of parents doing their best to protect them from physical and emotional harm. It was supported by every Democrat and one Republican: Conrad, a longtime public employee living in Dexter.

Among other things, Conrad’s voting history on House Bill 2002 supported 10-year-olds obtaining taxpayer-funded abortions without their parents’ knowledge and decriminalizing concealing the death of an infant. What’s more, when an amendment to provide resources to pregnant women was proposed, Conrad voted against it. Throughout the session, he also voted to expand physician-assisted suicide to out-of-state residents. 

During his short time in office, Conrad proved he is unwilling to join the values of his constituents in providing reasonable protections for children, their parents, unborn babies and other vulnerable groups. Because of this unwillingness, we knew the race for House District 12 deserved all our efforts and the right candidate to move forward. 

Conrad does not represent the values of the majority of Oregonians, but we have hope in Harbick. Not only is the McKenzie Bridge resident a successful businessman, devoted husband, father and involved member of his community, but he is also a faithful pro-life advocate. 

We believe Harbick will be the best representative for the people of Lane County and House District 12. Oregon Right to Life PAC could not have asked for a better fit for House District 12, and we urge Life in Oregon readers, Oregon Right to Life supporters and all Oregonian pro-lifers in District 12 to vote for him.

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