Pro-Choice Bills Paused in State Senate

Oregon Right to Life

Two major abortion-related bills remain stalled in the State Senate due to the walkout by Senate Republicans and Independents. 

House Bill 2002 remains a primary concern for Oregon Right to Life. Among many other issues, HB 2002 targets minors, violating the parent-child relationship by eliminating any age of consent requirement for “reproductive health care,” including abortion. During the Joint Ways and Means Committee work session, representatives from Legislative Counsel confirmed this bill would allow a 10-year-old to receive an abortion without her parent’s consent or even their knowledge. 

If passed, Senate Joint Resolution 33 would send a measure to the voters in the 2024 general election. This resolution seeks to gain voter support to add language to the existing equal rights amendment in the Oregon Constitution. Most concerning to Oregon Right to Life is the language preventing any law, policy or action that discriminates based on “pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes or related health decisions.” This language would enshrine the right to abortion in Oregon’s constitution, prohibiting any future legislation limiting abortions at any stage for any reason.

“The abortion industry is targeting vulnerable children through HB 2002. Creating a legal barrier between a parent and child without cause is immoral. HB 2002 is full of protections for the abortion industry rather than help and support for mothers,” says Lois Anderson, ORTL executive director. “Senate Joint Resolution 33 is no better, embedding the ‘right’ to abortion in Oregon’s constitution. We will continue to challenge both and encourage every Oregonian to join us.”

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