Marion County High Schooler Wins ORTLEF Oratory Contest

Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation (ORTLEF) judges awarded their top oratory prize to Miriam Plato from Chesterton Academy in Mt. Angel at this year’s Together We Advocate conference (see page 2). Focused on the topic of abortion and its devastating effects on women, Miriam delivered a powerful speech, besting other entrants from around the state. 

In the 2023 ORTLEF student contest, judges and coordinators recognized young pro-life students who took the time to think about their beliefs and defend their pro-life position. Although the topic of abortion is complex and emotionally charged, Miriam encouraged the pro-life audience to maintain the mindset that change is possible; our work is not done yet. 

ORTLEF is looking forward to hearing Miriam present her winning speech at the National Right to Life convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this June.

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